LMF Festival 2022 Date Revealed!

 After a successful first edition, it will gather once again and unite true electronic music lovers at the Jarun lake. Visitors from all parts of the world will be free to enjoy performances by the greatest names in electronic music today. 

LMF festival will be celebrating it’s second year from 3rd until 5th of June 2022. at Zagreb´s Jarun lake with an even wealthier program lasting for three days.

First edition of the festival, held in august this year, was attended by more than 5000 visitors on 6 mobile stages (party trucks) and in just 24 hours ignited the audience with over 40 DJs such as Marco Carola, Luciano, Claptone, Audiojack, Eli Brown…

The program began with 6 LMF trucks that set off around the lake where local and global DJ sets alternated. After several hours of circling, moving trucks stopped at the festival site, on the south side of the Jarun lake, where a spectacular main stage was set up.

This is the first festival of such kind in Croatia and in 2022 it will return even more monumental.

– After premiering in Las Vegas in 2019. we chose Zagreb to be our host in the European edition this year and it didn’t disappoint. These destinations will continue to be our hosts in the following years. We strive to develop in the spirit of global festivals and are particularly proud of our contribution to Zagreb´s economic growth and tourist development while promoting it as an urban destination. – said the festival organizer Marijan Gagulić.