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Simon Emme

LMF DJ contest: We have a winner!

Dear LMF people, it’s time to announce the winner of the LMF DJ Contest! 🥳 Little reminder: Our 3 finalists had a chance to visit Zagreb and perform on the LMF mainstage opening sets to show their DJ skills and music selection. LMF Festival and United Pop team has been listening closely and made a final decision!

LMF DJ Contest winner is Simon Emme! 😎

Simon Emme performed a very profound DJ set, his track selection makes perfect sense and tells a story, and from a technical view, the volume level remained perfectly same during the whole performance, sound color and dynamics were without technical mistakes. He is a skilled performer with great stage confidence. Our team also recognized his big dedication to the electronic music over the years, listening to his production and the fact he has already been recognized by Paolo Barbato and his Stereophonic label where Simon works as A&R.

With all that said, we strongly believe Simon Emme is a perfect candidate for the main prize – scholarship for the bachelor’s degree in electronic music production at United POP Academy! Congratulations! 🎉 And special thanks everyone for participation!