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LMF Spotify Top Up with WeKingz

LMF Spotify Top Up #5 with WeKingz

New Monday, new music on our Spotify channel! This is the first week of 2023, and we have WeKingz here who was in charge to pick his current favorite tunes and share with us. Let’s take a listen what’s inside! Little reminder – our LMF 2023 DJ Selections playlist features tracks picked by regional and worldwide DJs. It’s been updated weekly, so be sure to click follow and enjoy the music! LMF Spotify Top Up #5 with WeKingz!


LMF Spotify Top Up #5 – new music added by WeKingz

1. Yvvan Back, Dave Delly & Zetaphunk – Thank You Lord
2. Adeva Kurd Maverick – In & Out My Life
3. The Cube Guys – Music In My Head (Agent Greg Remix 2022)
4. Siwell – Sinnerman (2022 Extended Version)
5. Sinner & James, Anderblast – Misser (Extended Mix)
6. James Hurr – Di Da Di (Extended Mix)
7. CASSIMM – Just Freaking (Extended Mix)
8. Piero Pirupa – Braindead (Original mix)
9. Francesco Poggi – On & On (Kevin McKay Extended Remix)
10. John Summit – Reveolution (Extended mix)

We asked WeKingz few questions, so let’s take a quick read on his answers!

LMF: Can you tell us about your 2022 highlights?

WEKINGZ: 2022 was a very uncertain, but ultimately exciting year for my career. If I have to single out just one moment, it would definitely be LMF Las Vegas. Unforgettable experience and friendship with colleagues that we usually meet only incidentally in the backstage of festivals or clubs. Also, great moments were the residence of culture club Revelin, which in 2022 was on the 22nd place of the world’s best clubs and Hula Hula beach club.

LMF: Your Holydays were busy or you have been spending them with your friends and family?

WEKINGZ: I mostly spent these holidays at home with my family and preparing for some new projects and decisions, which I’m sure you will read more about soon.

LMF: We are curious about your plans for 2023! Could you tell us few details, what’s cookin’?

WEKINGZ: There are already a lot of plans for 2023. I hope that most of them will and achieve, and in that way raise your career up a notch more. In this winter period, when there are slightly fewer performances, I decided to devote myself to production. Until the summer, I have issues every month, and that makes me especially happy. This month you will be able to listen to new stuff on Stereophonic records by the legendary Italian house icon Paolo Barbato. The thing is called: “Me and you”, and I am especially glad that I can boast that Gorgon City had it in some of their sets this summer.