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LMF Spotify Top Up #9 with Vedran Car

LMF Spotify Top Up #9 with Vedran Car

Time for some new music on our Spotify channel! We are sliding into March with Vedran Car, the man living radio & DJ life to the fullest. He picked 14 songs for us and we added them to our our LMF 2023 DJ Selections playlist. Reminder for those who don’t know – playlist features tracks picked by regional and worldwide DJs that we host. It’s been updated weekly, so be sure to click follow and enjoy the music! LMF Spotify Top Up #9 with Vedran Car!


LMF Spotify Top Up #9 – new music added by Vedran Car

01. AFFKT – Voice Of Your Conscince
02. Notre Dame – Yumi
03. Something Good – Ryhthm Of The Night
04. Kommunion – Lose My Cool
05. Armand Van Helden – Wings
06. Dance System – Work It (ft. DJ Deeon)
07. Chris Lake, NPC – A Drug From God (Rebuke Rmx)
08. Adapter – Supersonic
09. Disko – Feel The Music
10. Alan Nieves – Okay Alright
11. Hurm – Dolly Dance
12. Matt Sassari – Give It To Me
13. San Pacho – Amor
14. Sacha Robotti, Dillon Nathaniel, AK Renny – See The Light

LMF Spotify Top Up #9 with Vedran Car
Photo by @savileeography

We asked Vedran Car few questions, so let’s take a quick read on his answers!

LMF: Name a few highlight moments from your 2022?

VEDRAN CAR: Fortunately, 2022 was full of great parties. I equally enjoyed playing on the beach with the sunset and 120bpm on the screen and at big festivals when the bpm went sky high! Of course, the gig at the LMF Festival in Las Vegas was the icing on the cake for the whole year.

LMF: What’s your biggest passion about radio host/DJ job?

VEDRAN CAR: Passion is what drives me. For as long as I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted to be is a radio DJ. As a kid I had my own little pirate radio station that I used to harass coffee shops around my hometown. When I found out that there is a faculty in Zagreb that has a real radio, that was it, I’m going to that faculty! Around the time I entered college, I started working as a DJ in bars and clubs and now that I add it all up, I’ve been a DJ for 20 years and a radio DJ for 18 years.

To make a long story short, I just wanted to be locked in the studio, surrounded by computers, mixers, cd players and cables! There is an incredible power behind the fact that you can play someone a song, it’s hard for me to say what kind of black magic is behind it, but it’s definitely something! I am very happy because I live from work that I love and know how to do. As for radio, I read a lot, study a lot, try to get better every day. The radio station is my nest, and DJ gigs are the tree I sometimes fly to!

LMF: Which are your 3 favorite music producers at the moment and why?

VEDRAN CAR: San Pacho – great tech house, he has a distinctive sound, dare I say a fun sound. Chris Lake – he has simply been at the top for years. His song Carry Me Away was the first house song after which I had a lump in my throat. I will now list some off the top of my head: Odd Mob, Dom Dolla, MK, Eats Everything… If I’m ever going to front Eric Prydz, I’m going to have a MARRY ME shirt! … sorry, I know this is more than 3.

Short reminder for LMF Festival 2023 – final lineup coming soon, and you still have time to buy tickets before that! Ticket prices will go up with the final lineup. Read more about it HERE.